A bright sunny day

It’s a bright sunny day. I’m looking out on my balcony I can see The Shining high-rises. There are boats of different colors out on the lake. Also on my balcony It Must Be Love Bug Season because there are so many flying around. Such a wonderful sunny day to be admiring Sight and Sounds of the city.


The world is a wondrous and wonderful place. Everything is out there for our liking and taking. We just need to enjoy things and appreciate the things that are around us. Obviously we have only One Life to Live. And this life should be lived with all that we have. Enjoy it. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Cheer up. This is meant to cheer you up and make you feel better about the life and people around you. Things will always seem better if you give them a little time. It always seems to be better tomorrow.

I give my friendship to all of my readers. And my heart goes out with thanks for those who leave comments. Make my day cheer it up bit. Leave a comment.

Just having fun don’t take this so seriously it’s science fiction

allegedly, Life is a fun time. If you stay positive and honest you will enjoy it. If you can’t stay positive and you don’t feel you’re enjoying it leaves us a comment will try to cheer you up. If not just leave a comment anyway saying okay so we know that you’ve read this and you enjoy what we’re posting. We’re just here to have fun and brighten your day a little bit.


That’s all we ask